Learn the language of your dream step by step for free !


You are passionate about languages or just curious ? You can't travel or are about to go overseas ?


Whatever the case is, you are at the right place if you wish to learn languages rapidly and for free. We offer a series of online lessons for those who like learning by themselves, who can't afford in class tuition or who do not have time to go to school.


This website will help you learn the basics in French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Korean, step by step and at your own rhythm. It is made of grammar classes, written conversations and vocabulary, and cultural aspects of countries where the language is spoken.


Those classes are elaborated by professional teachers who have spent their lives learning languages, who are professional translators and who have substantial travelling experience. Furthermore, it is easy for us to put ourselves in your shoes, and we understand perfectly how scary and difficult learning a language can be.



But don't worry ! We'll help you out all the way up !


As said before, those lessons are mainly made to help you write in a language; this is why we will not be focusing on speaking. If you wish to improve and practise your oral skills, we also offer face to face classes and Skype classes. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to get more information at the section "Contact us" situated in the top right corner.


Good luck !!

This website is currently under maintenance. Please refresh the page regularly to see our new updates !