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Our textbooks' characters

All our characters are fictitious and were created with the help of AI. Their story, names and even resemblance to actual persons (living or deceased) are not intended and should not be inferred.

Jade CLEMENT - French

26 January 1990

Collioure city


French - English - Italian - Spanish

Jisoo KIM - South Korean

21 November 1988



Korean - Japanese - English

Liam MILLER - the USA

10 May 1989

Evansville (Indiana)



Lina PENG - Chinese

9 July 1982



Mandarin - English - French

Lucia ROJAS - Spanish

25 March 1992



Spanish - French

Luis AMARO - Brazilian

14 August 1986

Belo Horizonte


Portuguese - Spanish

Takeshi KIMURA - Japanese

24 February 1997


Student in economics

Japanese - English

Tatiana IVANOVA - Russian

13 June 1985



Russian - English

L'explorateur- French learning textbook for beginners (A1 level)

This textbook is composed of lessons, exercises and cultural discoveries for self studying. It is accompanied with an audio listening of the dialogues and of explanatory videos of different grammatical points to ensure the best learning quality of any self learner. 


This textbook is written in English and is based on the English grammatical mind, which makes it one of a kind. It enables you to comprehend French based on your own language and to make connections between the two languages, thereby easing the learning activity.


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