Level 2

Bienvenue dans le niveau 2 !

You will find below the lessons we specially made for those who already have an A1 level or strong basics in French

Our lessons are made of examples and exercises. No correction is given for the exercises. If you have a question, you can ask us down below.

If you need more precision about one particular grammatical aspect, wish to have proper corrections of the exercises or simply want to practise your pronunciation, we do give live classes via Skype or face to face when possible. Please contact us in the provided space.


Allez, on continue!

Futur simple
Thanks to this lesson, you will be able to talk about your future plans in French
LE FUTUR SIMPLE_advanced_lecon1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 379.6 KB
La cause et le but
This class focuses on linking words that will help you construct your sentences when talking about the cause and the objectives
Adobe Acrobat Document 262.7 KB
Les expressions de temps
Expressions that are time-related
Adobe Acrobat Document 326.9 KB
Le comparatif
After this class, you will be able to compare things/elements
LE COMPARATIF_debutant_confirme_lecon 4.
Adobe Acrobat Document 274.0 KB
Le superlatif
how to make judgements and to say that one thing is better than others
LE SUPERLATIF_advance beg_lecon6.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 347.7 KB
Stress changes in verbs
Let's learn about verbs which stresses are modified because of the influence of pronunciation
accentuation verbes eler_eter_advanced_b
Adobe Acrobat Document 326.6 KB
La chronologie
Very useful lesson for those who need to structure and organize their arguments and essays
LA CHRONOLOGIE_advanced beg_ lecon 8.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 266.1 KB

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